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Texaco Social Rich Media. (Runner)

Texaco is one of the largest oil companies in the world. The history of the company began with the use of the large amount of crude oil extracted from Spindletop wells. Texaco's products in those years were kerosene, fuel oil and asphalt, but with the spread of automobiles, the demand for gasoline reached enormous proportions, contributing decisively to the growth of society.

The challenge

-Brand Interaction



Texaco wants to send a message to its users of "Drive with care" awareness for social networks during the end of the year holidays.


An SRM Runner was proposed for users to entertain themselves during the holiday season and it consisted of a game where users would have avoid obstacles in the road. Every time the runner collided with a vehicle, a “Drive carefully” message would appear. The main message of the game was "Remember to avoid having a mishap with the other vehicles" and at the end a pop up with the score along with a “More information”option. This would direct the user to the texaco website or "Play again" to play one more time and improve thier score.


-14,583 unique hits throughout the entire program.

-The total number of hits generated during the program, taking into account that on average users played the SRM 3 times, was: 43,749 hits.

-Of every 10 users, approximately 4 entered to interact with the SRM. 

– The interaction rate in the game was 39.1%.


Interaction Rate

Approximately 4 of every 10 users entered the SRM


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Total Hits