“Help us light the purrún”

Rosita Quezalteca

Quetzalteca belongs to Licores de Guatemala, a leading organization dedicated to the production and distribution of the finest aged rums along with other high-quality spirits in national and international markets.

The challenge

-Positioning in social networks

The objective of Quetzalteca was to launch an innovative campaign to remain on social networks (not just through social media posts) during Guatemalan Independence day (September 15) in order to achieve a greater reach of users.


To achieve this objective, it was proposed to use a format called Social Rich Media, which consists of a game that can be implemented in social networks (instagram, facebook) and helps achive the main objective of the client. 

This SRM consisted of Rosita (main icon of the brand) having to jump over obstacles with a torch in her hand. While these obstacles were passed, images such as Tikal, the national flag, the quetzal, among other national symbols, were presented in the background. 


The results obtained were:

-5,014 hits, the interaction rate of 46.66%,
-A total of 226 comments on the post
-268 emoji reactions
-Users played on average 2 times the SRM. 

Interaction Rate



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